7 Ways to Lose Weight Fast (2 Weeks)

How is it possible to lose weight fast in 2 weeks at home, whilst doing things that come somewhat naturally? Believe it or not, there are real ways to achieve surprisingly fast weight loss without resorting to fad diets or outright starvation!

Many people want to get rid of fat fast, and a two week period seems intuitively long enough to achieve real results, yet short enough to withstand the discomfort of calorie restriction. The good news is that most people will lose between 500 grams and one kilo per week (rapid weight loss) by cutting their normal daily calories by a third. For most people, doing the things on this list will do just that.

Here are 7 things you can do to Lose Weight Fast:

  1. Call it a diet or a quiet adjustment, but you will need to eat less. No amount of extra exercise will make you lose weight fast in two weeks. Only calorie restriction is going to work. This is because two weeks is not nearly enough time for your body to adjust its BMR meaningfully.
  2. Reduce, or better yet, banish sugar from tea and coffee. In fact, get rid of all types of obvious sources of sugar. Don’t drink sugary soft drinks. Avoid confectionery and “sugar-frosted” breakfast cereals. Skip things like Nutella and glazed doughnuts.
  3. For fast weight loss, you are going to have to cut carbs. Aim for a reduction of at least one third of your normal carbohydrate intake. This means actually putting your usual portion of, say, spaghetti on your plate, then scooping a third of it out again. Used to a two-slices of bread sandwich every day? Change that to a one-slice open sandwich. Usually enjoy a large baked potato with butter? Swap it for a small baked potato with butter instead.
  4. Two weeks is a reasonable period to avoid alcohol altogether, so try to skip your usual libation for the full 14 days. Choosing not to drink your weekend or weekday tipple will make a significant difference to your calorie count.
  5. Fat is a high calorie foodstuff, so reduce your intake. You should not avoid it altogether because it is part of a balanced diet, but you can opt for low-fat variants of your favourite foods. For example, swapping skim or lite for normal milk will help you to reach that 30% calorie reduction over two weeks.
  6. Increase your water intake by about 30% over the two week period. Besides all of the health benefits which will flow from becoming better hydrated, you will feel less hungry. Regular sips from a bottle of water or cup of green tea throughout the day in between meals will keep you digestive system occupied.
  7. By far the fastest way to lose weight fast is to get rid of excess body water. You can reduce your own natural water retention in two weeks by eating less salt. The sodium in salt affects the amount of water which your body keeps in your tissues. Each litre of water in your body weighs one full kilogram, so a natural, healthy reduction in fluid retention is an excellent way to lose weight fast.

How to Lose Weight Fast in Two Weeks

And that’s how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks. Yes, there is nothing unexpected in the above list. Everything here is probably something you have heard before. Guess why that is? Because at the end of the day, weight management comes down to some pretty basic principles. Whether you knuckle down to a 1500 calorie diet plan or get yourself a specific calorie calculation, the only way to lose weight is to achieve your calorie deficit.

You can do it! Good Luck!