Hello Fresh Calories (from Lowest to Highest)

What are Hello Fresh calories like? Since Hello Fresh is the world’s most popular meal kit with over 7 million customers and 15,000 employees, it is a question worth knowing. As you might expect, from a service which delivered more than 600 million meals per year, they have an enormous range with widely varying calorie counts. To keep things simple, we list here their Australian Family Favourites Recipes range, ranked from low calorie to high calorie.

Calories in Hello Fresh Family Favourites

The concept behind Hello Fresh’s Family Favourites recipe range is “crowd pleaser”. These meals are designed to satisfy families with kids who can be picky about what they eat. The idea is that its possible to have healthy food that’s tasty enough for unsophisticated kiddie palates yet interesting enough for the adults who will do the cooking. If you are more interested in controlled calories, their Calorie Smart range would be more appropriate. Back to the Family Favourites, starting from the lowest calorie option:

Miso-Ginger Chicken & Sesame Fries with Rainbow Salad 639 Calories

Calories in Hello Fresh Miso Chicken

This miso flavoured chicken dish is the lowest calorie meal in the Hello Fresh Family Favourites recipe range. Each serve has 639 calories (2673kJ), 31.2g fat, 39.2g carbohydrates, and 44.9g protein. Clearly inspired by Japanese cuisine, it includes sesame fries and an Asian salad.

Orange Sesame Pork & Ginger Veggies with Brown Rice & Pickled Cucumber 649 Calories

Hello Fresh Calories Pork and Ginger

Next up with 649 calories, 2717 kilojoules, 12.8g fat, 78.9g carbs, and 46.3g protein per serve is Orange Sesame Pork with Brown Rice. If you are not concerned about carbs this is an excellent way to enjoy some flavourful protein intake.

Pesto, Mushroom & Parmesan Gnocchi with Rocket & Pear Salad 690 Calories

Pesto Mushroom Parmesan

Hello Fresh Pesto, Mushroom and Parmesan Gnocchi has 690 calories (2889kJ), 22.8g fat, 22.5g protein, and 95.1g carbohydrates per serve. It comes with a rocket and pear side salad to cut the creamy chewiness of the starchy gnocchi.

Seared Sirloin & Creamy Peppercorn Sauce with Parsley Mash & Garlic Baby Broccoli 702 Calories

Sirloin from Hello Fresh

Hard to go wrong with steak and mash with pepper sauce. The fourth-most calorific meal in Hello Fresh’s Family Favourites range is Seared Sirloin with Parsley Mash and Baby Broccoli (broccolini?). Each serve has 702 calories or 2938 kilojoules, a big 43.8g protein, 43.4g fat, and 33.1g carbs.

Classic Aussie Chicken Schnitzel with Pear, Mint & Parmesan Salad 710 Calories

Chicken Schnitzel Calories Hello Fresh

We like how the nutritionists at Hello Fresh have designed this meal, because adding anything with “schnitzel” in its name to a meal can easily take it into the calorie stratosphere. Hello Fresh avoids this danger by pairing the chicken schnitzel with green leaf, pear, and parmesan instead of potato and gobs of fatty sauce. The result is a crunchy, nutritious 710 calorie (2969kJ), 47.2g protein, 41.7g fat, and 33.5g carbohydrate dinner.

Hello Fresh Bengal Beef Curry with Rice & Veggies 807 Calories

Kilojoules in Hello Fresh Curry

Bengal Beef Curry is one of the meal kits from Hello Fresh that comes with pre-chopped and pre-marinated ingredients so all you have to do is cook! You get a freshly cooked meal without having to do all the prep work that usually goes along with it. Note that Bengal Beef Curry with Rice and Veggies is not a low calorie option! (807 calories/3377kJ/40.9g fat/50.2g protein/55.4g carbs per serve)

Teddy’s Island Prawns & Pineapple Chutney with Coconut-Lime Rice 902 Calories

Teddy's Island Prawns

Named after one of the people who works at Hello Fresh, Teddy’s Island Prawns and Pineapple Chutney with Coconut Lime Rice is a complex dish featuring multiple complementary flavours. Each serve has 902 calories (3775kJ), 32.8g fat, 30.3 protein, and a big 111.6g carbohydrates.

Sausage & Veggie Bolognese with Cheesy Garlic Bread 1258 Calories

Sausage and Veggie Bolognese with Cheesy Garlic Bread is the highest calorie meal in the Hello Fresh Family Favourites recipe range, with a whopping 1258 calories per serve. This equates to 5263 kilojoules, courtesy of 59.7g fat, 46.9g protein, and 125.1g carbohydrates per serve. It is a meal fit for a lumberjack because it is packed with all the macros, especially carbs from two separate starch sources.

Hello Fresh does Low Calorie!

If you are looking at this list and thinking that maybe Hello fresh is not for you because it is not calorie controlled, think again. The recipes on this list are the 8 most popular from their Family Favourites range. If you are looking for buttoned-down calories, give their Calorie Smart recipes some serious consideration. Each meal in the Calorie Smart range is capped at 650 calories per serve with low carb options: