Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Use this calcount Body fat Percentage Calculator to estimate how much of your body is made of fat. Then, read on to find out what your body fat percentage result means. Body Fat Percentage People measure their body fat percentage as a fitness indicator and aesthetic target. Fat is a store of energy and the … Read more

Waist to Hip Ratio: Your Ideal Number

Waist to Hip Ratio

Your waist to hip ratio (WHR) could be a better indicator of healthy body weight than body mass index (BMI). Find you current and ideal waist to hip ratio with this handy calcount WHR Calculator, then read on to learn more about this valuable health metric. Simply enter the circumference measurements of your waist and … Read more

Dates VS Prunes (with infographic)

Dates VS Prunes

Dates VS Prunes: both popular dried fruit, sweet, and they sort of look the same, but which has more calories? Are they even nutritionally similar? Let’s look at these sweet nuggets in comparison, so that we can find out what is better for you, prunes, or dates? Differences between Prunes and Dates In many ways, … Read more

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