7 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan

7 Day Weight Loss Plan

Here’s your detailed 7 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan! You will lose weight with a 1500 Calorie Diet, so we’ve made this 1473 calorie plan for you. Why? Because unless you buy calorie controlled prepared package meals like the ones from MYMC or Youfoodz, it can be a challenge to design your own menu. This … Read more

Lemon Rind, so about that Zest…

Lemon Zest

Lemon zest is the top part of lemon rind after it has been scraped, cut, grated, peeled, or pared off. The rind is the citrus fruit’s skin. It has two main parts: the outer flavedo and the inner albedo, also known as the mesocarp, or pith. Zest of lemon is a common baking ingredient, think … Read more

2 Ways to make your own Almond Milk

Calcount Almond Milk

Even if you have never tried it before, you have surely seen almond milk in your local supermarket, but what exactly is almond milk? The simple answer is that it is a plant milk made from almonds. It is usually marketed to people who are lactose intolerant or vegan, because it does not contain lactose … Read more

Make Your Own Hamburger Patty

Calorie Counter Australia Burger Patty

Change is the only constant, food trends happen, but the hamburger abides. From the first time that a person flattened a meatball and put it in between two pieces of bread, the hamburger has satisfied. Quick to cook and fast to eat, the hamburger is easily portable and energy dense. It delivers a blast of … Read more

191 Calories per Serve: Tasty, Nutritious Fig Brownies

calcount brownie

This is a recipe for Brownies with an unusual ingredient: Figs. Moist, chewy and so easy, these Fig Brownies are made with rich dark chocolate, crunchy toasted walnuts and sweet, delicious, nutritious dried figs. Taste and health have joined together with simple directions to deliver brownies fit for every day or special occasions. Fossilised figs have … Read more

Winter Roast Chicken Recipe

Winter is the perfect season for glorious, soul-warming, tummy stuffing, melt-in-the-mouth roast chicken. Nothing quite says welcome home on a cold evening like the smell of a fresh chicken in the oven, and we’re not talking about the machine-basted, plastic-infused rotisserie chickens you pick up at the supermarket! Roast chicken is the ancient family-classic centrepiece … Read more

Winter Minestrone Soup Recipe

What is it about soup that makes it so well-suited to winter? We have two theories about why it is difficult to go past a good soup this season: 1.    Soup has a uniformly warm temperature, unlike, say fish and chips. This means that every part of your mouth and stomach that it touches will … Read more

Sardine Sangers with a Smile

Dennis remembers sardines from his childhood. “We would get home from school and Mum would serve a pile of sandwiches on a plate with hot chocolate. There were always two sardine sandwiches in the pile, the way Mum always made them mashed with chopped up raw onion and butter on the bread. My brother and … Read more

3 Unexpected Muffin Recipes

Flavour to the rescue! Skip the blueberries and choc chips this weekend and take a walk on the wild side with these unusual muffin recipes. We scoured old family and friend recipes to come up with these artisan muffins which are certain to get your mob talking and munching. The trick with getting them to … Read more

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