Australian Food is Good

With an abundance of natural resources and almost 27,000 businesses in our food industry, Australia is a tremendous producer of food. According to the Australian Food and Grocery Council, the food and grocery sector turned over almost $119 billion in 2013-14, which means that it accounts for about a third of total manufacturing in Australia. … Read more

Impulse Eating: a Solution

What is an impulse? The dictionary defines it as a “… sudden, involuntary inclination prompting action…”. When we act under impulse, we make snap decisions to do things that we had not planned to do before we set out. How many times have you stopped to find yourself doing something crazy in the afternoon and … Read more

Forget what you know about the Sun

For years we have been told that going out into the sun without SPF1000 sunscreen is like forcing your skin to chain-smoke double-tar cigarettes in the Mad Men meeting room. We have all seen the slickly produced “public service” warnings which equate sunbathing with skin cell torture. And for the love of all that is … Read more

4 Ways to Rev up your ZZZZZs!

Most people are shocked to learn that half a slice of plain toast is the difference between being awake and being asleep. That’s right, when you sleep for 8 hours, your body burns only about 140 fewer calories than it would have done if you had stayed up all night watching TV instead. This means … Read more

How to Weigh Yourself

It is not as simple as stepping on a scale and reading the numbers. When you set out on any weight management journey, your single most important measure of success or failure is what the scale says. It is therefore important to understand how they work, what they measure, and how you can use the … Read more

Meditate to Lose Weight

Everyone knows that if you eat too much for a sustained period, you will gain more weight than you want and need. We all know that if you eat less than normal, you will lose weight until there is a balance between what you eat and what you weigh. More in than out equals weight … Read more

What to Eat when you don’t Feel like Eating

Ever had that feeling? When you are hungry, or you think that you are hungry, or you know that you should eat something, but you just don’t feel like eating? Sometimes there is a tinge of nausea or stomach-tightening when you think about whatever’s in the fridge or café cabinet. Sometimes your mind is preoccupied … Read more