3 Ways to Cut Rice Starch Calories

reduce rice starch

Rice starch is densely packed with calories, and it is not possible to remove the starch without destroying rice completely. Luckily though, there are ways to reduce the food energy you get from eating rice. Read on to discover 3 methods you can use to cut starch calories from rice. Starch in Rice The calories … Read more

Lose Weight with a 1500 Calorie Diet

lose weight with 1500 calories

When we’re asked to recommend a “guaranteed” weight loss plan, our reply is that everyone will probably lose weight with a 1500 calorie diet. You will likely lose at least 2 kilograms for the first month you stick to a 1500 calorie diet. The thermodynamic logic of a 1500 calorie diet is straightforward. What’s more, … Read more

Swap Carbs: Top 4 Ways

pile of biscuits

Read our top 4 ways to swap carbs for other nutrients! Carbs are the sugars, starches and fibres found in plant and dairy products. They are one of the three macro-nutrients your body uses to power up (the other two being fats and proteins). Studies have found that our typical Australian diet can contain relatively … Read more

Christmas Calories Survival Guide

Christmas Food

This is a Christmas Calories Survival Guide for Australian Calorie Counters! Christmas in Australia almost always includes tradition, family, friends, food, drink and binge eating. It is a tough season for the calorie-conscious, so we made this short guide to surviving each aspect of Christmas without packing on the kilos: Tradition Christmas traditions date back … Read more

Healthier Meals – 5 tips

calcount healthier meals

Making better food choices is a daily challenge. It is not easy to plan and execute a perfectly healthy meal every time. Luckily, there are ways to change the way you make and eat your food so that you make healthier meals. Here are five things you can do to make healthier meals: Drink a … Read more

Your Watch can be Used Against You

When you buy a smart phone, smart watch or wearable fitness tracker (like Fitbit), you are probably not thinking about what impact it might have on your insurance premiums. Tracking your Lifestyle But, if you think about it, devices like these are used to track important health metrics like your heart rate, the amount of … Read more

How to Change Your Bad Habit

  In the last post, we described how hard it is to change a bad habit. We made the point that if it is particularly difficult for you to change habits, the reason is probably because your character is too strong. Character is “who you are” and who you are is made up of a … Read more

5 Ways to Deal with Obesity

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost a third of all the adults in our country are clinically obese. That means, when you step into a lift with eleven other people in Sydney and look around, four of you could be cast as the “Before” person in one of those dieting club videos you … Read more