Does Onion and Colgate Burn Belly Fat?

Overheard at the office coffee machine: “Can onion and Colgate really get rid of belly fat? Really? Awesome! I’m going to try it tonight!” Cue silent cringe and incredulous back-at-desk Googling. Turns out, yes, there is a growing belief that the combination of toothpaste (specifically, Colgate) and onion works to burn belly fat. Fast!

This quick myth busting post is us doing our part to stop this nonsense before it becomes a real thing.

There are many like this…

How to Prepare the Onion and Colgate “Remedy”

Thankfully, the concoction is not made for eating. Preparation is simple: chop or blend some onion into tiny pieces and place in a bowl. Squeeze Colgate toothpaste into the onion and mix well to form a poultice. Rub the mixture onto your belly, applying a generous layer. Leave on the skin for 15 minutes, before rinsing it off with water. Repeat the procedure daily until your belly becomes flat and firm. First results are said to be noticeable within 24 hours.

Does Onion burn Belly Fat?

According to the people promoting this amazing fat burning solution, it works because “something” in the onion reacts with “something” in the Colgate to form “something” which penetrates the skin. Once under the skin, the thing homes in on visceral and subcutaneous belly fat cells and DESTROYS them. They say you know it is working when you feel a tingling sensation even after you wash the goop off your skin.

Onion and Colgate make skin tingly

Why do People Believe this?

Maybe, since many so-called “Slimming Creams” are sold by reputable establishments, a great many people actually believe that it is possible to burn fat with topical lotions. Most of these commercially available creams contain at least one ingredient (often cayenne) which causes skin tingling. Since toothpaste causes a similar tingling or burning sensation, by a certain shaky logic, it too should be able to burn fat through skin.

What about the onion? Perhaps, it lends a certain homey charm and pungency to enhance the placebo effect. Unlike, say, carrots, onions just seem more, well, medicinal. We think fewer people would be taken in by this marvelous fat-zapping ointment if the remedy was just spreading unadulterated toothpaste on your belly. They might wonder why fat lips don’t get thinner when people brush their teeth with Colgate!

So, DIY Colgate and Onion Ointment Doesn’t Work?

To be clear: Onion and Colgate does not burn belly fat overnight or over day or ever. Whilst it is probably harmless to spread minced onion and toothpaste on your skin (unless you have an allergic reaction), there is no way for it to burn your belly fat, or any fat. Invasive surgical methods aside, the only way to reduce belly fat is to do so from within, by the natural process of metabolism. In other words, eat fewer calories than you use.