Whopper Calories (Hungry Jacks)

The Whopper is the big one from Hungry Jacks, but how big are the calories? Let’s take a quick look at that legendary burger which calls Hungry Jack’s (a.k.a. Burger King) home. The Whopper is a famously big burger with at least one large “flame-grilled” beef patty in a sesame seeded bun with “the lot”.

How many Calories in a Whopper?

It is important to know just how calorie-dense fast food burgers like the Whopper are. Eating more than a couple of Whoppers per month could be the difference between gaining and losing weight. When you throw in a large fries and a fizzy drink into the mix, these big burgers can obliterate anyone’s daily calorie target.

Whoppers come in at least 16 different configurations. Here they are, ranked from lowest to highest calories per burger. Click on the burger name to jump to its Nutrition Facts panel:

Calories in Hungry Jacks Whopper Jnr

Calories in Hungry Jacks Junior Whopper

The Whopper Junior is the lowest calorie Whopper available. One of these “mini” burgers will add 370 calories (1550 kilojoules) to your meal.

Whopper Jnr Cheese

The Whopper Junior with Cheese has 394 calories (1650 kilojoules). The slice of cheese alone contributes 24 calories to this burger primarily made for kids.


Calories in Whopper

The original Whopper is the lowest calorie “full sized” Whopper. It contains 657 calories (2750kJ), which is about one third of the daily recommended calories for the average adult.

Rebel Whopper

The Rebel Whopper is made with a plant-based patty (no meat!). It slightly more calorific than its meaty cousin, with 667 calories (2790kJ) per burger.

Calories in Hungry Jacks The Aussie

Calories in Hungry Jacks Aussie

The addition of beetroot and an egg to a Whopper with bacon makes this an Aussie. It has 685 calories (2780kJ).

Whopper Cheese

Adding cheese to the Whopper increases its calorie count to 743 calories (3110kJ).

Rebel Whopper Cheese

The meatless Rebel Whopper Cheese has 738 calories (3090kJ). Click the paragraph title to see the ingredients list and find out what the patty is made from!

Angry Whopper

Calories in Hungry Jacks Angry Whopper

It is called Angry Whopper because of the onions and jalapenos. Each burger has 813 calories (3400kJ).

Whopper Chicago Single

Calories in Hungry Jacks

One Chicago Single Whopper contains 827 calories (3460kJ).

Whopper Whiskey River Single

This Whiskey River Whopper features lots of condiments and a bacon rasher. It contains 874 calories (3655kJ).

Double Whopper

Calories in Hungry Jacks Double Whopper

The Double Whopper has two patties and packs in 891 calories (3730kJ) per burger.

Double Whopper Cheese

A single Double Whopper Cheese contains half a day’s worth of recommended calories: 1011 kcal (4230kJ).

Ultimate Double Whopper

The Ultimate Double Whopper Cheese has bacon and two patties. Each burger contains 1126 calories (4710kJ).

Whopper Whiskey River Double

A Double Whiskey River Whopper manages to squeeze 1182 calories (4945kJ) into each burger.

Triple Whopper

If you happen to finish a full Triple Whopper Cheese, understand that you have just eaten 1381 calories (5780kJ).

Calories in Hungry Jacks Whopper Whiskey River Triple

Calories in Hungry Jacks Triple Whiskey River Whopper

The biggest Whopper of them all. One Triple Whiskey River Whopper has 1490 calories (6234kJ). This single burger is fully 72% of the recommended daily calorie intake for an adult.

Seeing all the Hungry Jacks Whopper calories in an ordered list like this helps to put their food energy differences into perspective. The Junior and classic single patty variants have a fraction of the calorie count of the multi-patty Whoppers. If you just love the taste of a Whopper, try to stick with the basic ones to give yourself the best chance of staying within your daily calories.

Many thanks to Hungry Jack’s for the burger pictures and nutrition information!