Macros and Calories in My Muscle Chef’s 7 Best Meals

How do the calories and macros in My Muscle Chef’s 7 most popular meals stack up? Let’s peel back the vacuum-sealed polypropylene and start counting!

Who or What is My Muscle Chef?

NSW-headquartered My Muscle Chef is in the business of delivering microwavable ready-to-eat packaged meals. Their ideal customer is someone who wants to take the grunt work out of meal planning and prep yet still eat proper food according to a right-sized macronutrient plan.

My Muscle Chef Meals

They have a rapidly expanding menu of almost 100 different options, but according to our research seven meals stand out. In ascending order of popularity:

Calories in My Muscle Chef Spinach Ricotta Ravioli

1 Spinach Ricotta Ravioli in Pumpkin Sauce

The seventh most popular meal delivered by My Muscle Chef is Spinach Ricotta Ravioli in Pumpkin Sauce. Simply, it is ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach filling, coated in chopped spinach and pumpkin sauce.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Ricotta Ravioli in Pumpkin Sauce

There are 441 calories (1850kJ) in each 300 gram serve of My Muscle Chef Ricotta Ravioli in Pumpkin Sauce. The calories come from 51.7 grams of carbohydrates, 18 grams of fat, and 14.6 grams of protein. The carbs include 6.9 grams of sugar, and the fat includes 8.7 grams of saturated fat.

As with most other My Muscle Chef meals, food additives (in this case MSG, Alginic Acid, Disodium Inosinate) are included.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Vegan Chicken Satay

2 Vegan Chicken Satay with Cauliflower & Quinoa Rice

My Muscle Chef sells this Vegan Chicken Satay with Cauliflower and Quinoa Rice for less than 10 bucks. An authentic nutty satay sauce coats the soy-based “chicken”. These saucy textured strips sit on a bed of “rice” made from crumbled cauliflower and quinoa. Broccolini adds green.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Vegan Chicken Satay

One 320 gram serve of My Muscle Chef Vegan Chicken Satay contains 456 calories (1910kJ), 30.3 grams protein, 26.9g fat, and 19.8g carbohydrates.

A meal that blends textured “plant meat” with ancient grains and traditional South East Asian satay flavours feels frantic. We count at least 33 distinct ingredients!

Calories in My Muscle Chef Poached Barramundi

3 Poached Barramundi With Tomato, Kaffir Lime & Vegetables

Yup, My Muscle Chef delivers a popular packaged fish meal which somehow manages to retain its proper flavour and texture. Poached Barramundi retains its structural integrity much better than when steamed or fried. The smothering tangy tomato sauce compensates for any microwave flavour destruction. Standard everyday veg and rice lend reassuring familiarity to the surprisingly tasty Barra.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Poached Barramundi

Weighing a relatively hefty 380 grams, one serve of My Muscle Chef Poached Barramundi contains 319 calories, equivalent to 1330 kilojoules. Macros are 42.7 grams of protein, 19.2g carbs and just 6.3 grams of fat (3.5g of which is saturated fat).

The meal has simple ingredients. Even the complex sauce is basically just tomato and onion mixed in coconut cream and lime juice.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Mongolian Beef

4 Mongolian Beef with Asian Greens & Brown Rice

It is apparent that Asian cuisine options are the most popular meals delivered by My Muscle Chef. This classic Mongolian Beef with Asian Greens and Brown Rice combines the Mongolian Beef from your local suburban Chinese restaurant (complete with the same flavour enhancers and colours) with brown rice, broccolini and bok choy.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Mongolian Beef

A standard 330-gram portion of My Muscle Chef Mongolian Beef with Asian Greens and Brown Rice contains 394 calories (1650kJ). Of the 330g, 42.2g is protein, 39.5g is carbohydrate, and 5.8g is fat.

For one single good reason, Mongolian Beef is one of the most popular “Chinese Food” dishes in Australia. That reason is, simply, the distinct, familiar, deliciously oniony Mongolian Sauce flavour. The sauce is made from a wide range of natural spices and common food additives.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Lemongrass Turkey

5 Lemongrass Turkey with Cauliflower & Quinoa Rice

Like number two on the list, this meal rests on a base of My Muscle Chef’s Cauliflower and Quinoa “rice”. What is resting on the pelletised cauli? Turkey! But, how can dry, bland, chewy turkey be popular? It seems that My Muscle Chef has found a way to make the high-protein lean goodness of turkey palatable by mincing it and stir-frying with lemongrass puree. The result is a tasty, textured wholesome meal.

Now, if only they could only find a way to make it look less like livestock fodder…

Calories in My Muscle Chef Lemongrass Turkey

A 330 gram pack of My Muscle Chef Lemongrass Turkey with Cauliflower and Quinoa Rice has 378 calories, or 1580 kilojoules. This comes from a healthy 43.5 grams of protein, 19.5g carbohydrates, and 13 grams fat.

The good protein count in this meal is because fully 40% of it is minced turkey breast. Lemongrass and shallots provide the flavour interest, whilst broccolini and green beans play second and third fiddle to the cauliflower for veggie rep.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Chicken Cauliflower Bake

6 Chicken & Cauliflower Bake

Chunks of baked chicken breast, cauliflower, and broccoli covered in a cheesy mustard sauce makes for a satisfyingly low-carb meal made for repeat customers. Simple flavours and easily understood nutrition account for its popularity. The lightly browned chicken and cauliflower is nicely offset by green broccoli and red capsicum.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Chicken and Cauliflower Bake

Do not be fooled by the lightness of this 300 gram serving, because each one packs 450 calories (1880kJ). The calories come from a whopping 46.1 grams of protein and 21.1 grams fat. Carbohydrates account for just 14.9 grams, more than half of which (9.9g) is sugar.

A simple meal with simple ingredients, it somehow remains interesting thanks to a flavourful sauce made with two types of cheese, Dijon Mustard, garlic, and nutmeg.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Beef Rendang

7 Beef Rendang with Vegetables & Ancient Grains

Beef Rendang, a dense curry, is the most popular meal offered by My Muscle Chef. Served dry, dark, and super spicy, Beef Rendang is a traditional Indonesian dish. Thankfully, My Muscle Chef has adapted the recipe for our local palates to make it saucier, creamier, lighter, and less hot-spicy. Even so, this curry captures the big meat chunk aesthetic and heady tropical flavours of the original.

The curry sits on Freekeh, which My Muscle Chef makes from wheat, brown rice, and quinoa (Freekeh is the product of roasting, rubbing and drying grains such as green wheat).

Authentic, nutrient-measured curry ready to eat at home in 3 minutes for less than $11? Popularity assured.

Calories in My Muscle Chef Beef Rendang

Fully 400 grams per serve, this is the biggest meal on the list. Each pack of My Muscle Chef Beef Rendang contains 616 calories, equivalent to 2850 kilojoules. The meal boasts 68.2g protein, 39.2g carbohydrates, and 18.9g fat, of which 9.7g is saturated.

Common Features

A quick review of My Muscle Chef’s 7 most popular meals turns up a few common features:

Good Portions

The meals (apart from the Rendang) hit the 300g-330g serving size mark. Considering that one single Triple Whopper from Hungry Jack’s weighs 426g, we think that the My Muscle Chef meals are big enough to fill the gap, yet small enough to encourage good habits.

Recurring Ingredients

These meals are made in a mass production facility so of course the company will try to leverage bulk purchases of raw ingredients. Thus, the most popular meals feature many of the same side ingredients (cauliflower, bok-choy, quinoa, broccolini). This is the main reason we would not recommend that any single food company become the sole provider of nutrition to anyone for an extended period.


When unopened, unlabeled, and stacked together, these packaged meals are indistinguishable from one another. They are delivered in no-nonsense boxes on schedule. The nutrient labels are prominent and clearly the focus and purpose of the meal. They give off a very Astronaut or Military “Meal Ready to Eat MRE” vibe. Controlled uniformity can be very appealing to people who are set on taking command of their diets, but it can be dispiriting to people who like their food with flair.


Whilst the meals include the sort of additives found in just about all processed food, a credible effort to produce “proper” food has been made. The main ingredients are whole foods for the most part and the preparation looks, feels, and tastes fresh. Not like Mum made, but streets ahead of the average supermarket packaged meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some oft-asked questions about My Muscle Chef are:

Are My Muscle Chef Meals healthy?

My Muscle Chef meals are much healthier than most convenience foods but less healthy than carefully planned meals made from fresh whole ingredients at home. Nutritionally well balanced, My Muscle Chef meals lean on protein rather than carbs or fat for calories. A limited stable of greens and cauliflower tick the micronutrient box.

Where can I buy My Muscle Chef meals?

My Muscle Chef meals are available through their website.

Are My Muscle Chef meals Frozen?

Nope, delivered fresh, My Muscle Chef meals can last up to 10 days if stored in the fridge. They last for 12 weeks in the freezer.

Is My Muscle Chef good for Weight Loss?

My Muscle Chef meals are great for weight loss when combined with a calorie deficit plan. Well portioned meals with easily understood calorie counts can be recorded and monitored in calcount Calorie Tracker. My Muscle Chef meals tick all major nutrient boxes so cravings and uncontrollable hunger become less of a problem.

How do you Cook My Muscle Chef meals?

You do not need to cook My Muscle Chef meals. They are cooked and ready to eat. Most people choose to heat the meals using a microwave. Microwave-friendly, single-use containers make up the packaging.

Where does My Muscle Chef deliver?

If you live in a metro area you are probably covered, but check their website to confirm your postcode’s deliverability.

Where is My Muscle Chef made?

300 or so people working in a factory in Yennora, Western Sydney make My Muscle Chef meals.

Is My Muscle Chef worth it?

Yes, if you want to eat nutritionally balanced, high protein food for about $10 per meal for a fortnight or two. The uniform convenience, customer service and decent taste of My Muscle Chef meals make for a worthwhile calorie-controlled experience.

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