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  • Cashew Nuts Nutrition: calories, benefits, disadvantages
    They are growing in popularity, so let’s take a closer look at cashew nuts nutrition, calories, health benefits and disadvantages. Are there any general reasons to choose cashews over, say, almonds? Why don’t nutritionists go “nuts” over cashews?Cashew apples look differentcashew seeds below the appleCashew nuts are the seeds of the tropical cashew apple ...
  • Is Panela Healthier than Sugar?
    It is a flavoursome choice for sweetening anything but is panela healthier than sugar? The answer is yes, but not by much. The difference between sugar and panela is literally skin deep. You will not get any detectable nutritional benefit from eating one rather than the other.To understand why, first we must think about what ...
  • Nutella Ingredients demystified
    Nutella ingredients demystified. Nutella is wildly popular because it tastes awesome and it is marketed like peanut butter. What’s actually in it? Is is a healthy food for everyday consumption?
  • 4 Foods to Boost your Immune System
    Yes, its true, some foods can boost your immune system!Eating certain foods to boost the immune systemBesides practising good hygiene and avoiding obvious sources of infection, the best thing you can do to fight infection is to keep a healthy immune system. You can give your immune system a boost every day with these 4 ...
  • Swap Carbs: Top 4 Ways
    Read our top 4 ways to swap carbs for other nutrients! Carbs are the sugars, starches and fibres found in plant and dairy products. They are one of the three macro-nutrients your body uses to power up (the other two being fats and proteins). Studies have found that our typical Australian diet can contain relatively ...