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  • Quick Ref: Calories in Christmas Foods
    Hard to believe but in just a couple of weeks it will be Christmas! Yes, the Silly Season is well and truly upon us with all the customary pleasures and stresses it brings with it. There will be much back-slapping, laughter, hugs, and of course eating and drinking as we take time to commune with those ...
  • Soba Salad for Hot Sticky Evenings
    Summer is here and its hotter than a wombat’s armpit. In the heat of the day, or in the long and glorious sultry evenings that demand a drink on the deck it is hard to think of what to make for dinner.Anything that requires hours slaving over a hot stove or oven is out of the ...
  • What to Eat when you don’t Feel like Eating
    Ever had that feeling? When you are hungry, or you think that you are hungry, or you know that you should eat something, but you just don’t feel like eating? Sometimes there is a tinge of nausea or stomach-tightening when you think about whatever’s in the fridge or café cabinet. Sometimes your mind is preoccupied with ...