Avalanche Hot Chocolate: Calories and Nutrition

The Avalanche Hot Chocolate range of drinking chocolates comes to us from across the Tasman, courtesy of two Kiwis named Paul and Stefan. Hot chocolate powders from the supermarket are usually much of a muchness, but these guys seem to be onto something special, especially with their low-calorie options. Let’s take a look at their top 2 low calorie choco products:

Avalanche Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate

Avalanche Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate 8 Calories

Avalanche Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate is possibly their flagship low-calorie product, with just about 8 calories (32 kilojoules) per serve. One serve is about two teaspoons (12g) of sugar-free, erythritol and stevia sweetened cocoa powder. If you use just plain water to make this low-calorie drink and stick to the recommended two teaspoon serving recommendation, you can knock back as many as you can handle all day long without fear of jeopardising your calorie target. Add 8 to milk calories if you make your hot chocolate the traditional way.

Avalanche Caramelised White Chocolate

Avalanche 99% Sugar Free Caramelised White Drinking Chocolate 5 Calories

If you are a regular calcount reader you know that we do not like white chocolate, because in its pure form it has the same calories as straight-up butter. However, Avalanche 99% Sugar Free Caramelised White Drinking Chocolate is a far cry from pure cocoa butter. In fact, the same 12g serving of this white drinking chocolate has just 5 calories (21kJ), making it less calorific than the normal type! It too is sweetened with stevia and erythritol, but it does contain some sugar. The caramel taste comes from added flavours.

Things to Remember

Remember that not all products marketed as “low sugar” are also low calorie. In this case though, the Avalanche Hot Chocolate low and zero sugar products are indeed low calorie. Also remember that the per-serve calorie counts are for hot chocolate made with zero-calorie water. Since most people use some type of milk (skim, lite, regular, almond, soy), to make their chocolate drink, the water-based calorie counts are not useful.