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Calorie Counter has a  complete list  of Australian food in a database that you can search easily. Find out how many calories there are in the food that you will eat today and tomorrow, so that you make informed choices about your diet. Our food information includes values for both kilojoules (“energy”) and calories.

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Find out how much fat, sodium, carbohydrates, protein, and sugar is in your next meal. Compare a  cup of soup  to a  cup of coffee . You know that our database is reliable because it has been researched and published by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), and the Calorie Counter team.

Nutritional Information

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Calorie Counter gives you handy tools to  convert kilojoules to calories  and  vice-versa, and  calculate your BMI  (Body Mass Index). We keep up to date with the latest trends in weight management, and post topical insights on our regular  blog . Browse our huge database for meal ideas and get creative with your food choices.

Weight Loss Tools

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Search Thousands of Australian Foods. Calorie Counter shows values for both Kilojoules and Calories.

What is Calorie Counter?

Ever wondered: How many  calories in a banana ? How many  calories in Australian beer ? How much  sodium is in an egg ? Calorie Counter is designed to answer such questions, whilst giving you ideas for how to go about adjusting your food intake to match your particular dietary needs and wants. Use this website as a tool for finding out the amount of calories (kilojoules/energy) in different foods. We also list other food content like the amount of sodium and fat. If you are following a diet plan, or are simply curious to learn the nutritional value of a given foodstuff, our database will help. Simply  search for the food you are interested in, then compare calories! If you are hungry for information related to food and nutrition, then visit our blog for some interesting articles.

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