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A complete database with Thousands Of Australian Foods – We’ve compiled these foods into an easy-to-navigate database that you can search. See kilojoules and calories.

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Search nutritional information about your food, including Calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and more. Nutritional information has been gathered by food standards Australia New Zealand and calorie counter members.

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Convert kilojoules to calories, calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), use our weight loss calculator, get your body fat percentage and more

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Join the weight loss discussion, with our community Questions. Ask questions, give advise, compare recipes and more.

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Search easy to make recipes with calorie and nutritional information. Swap recipes with others and learn something new.

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Track your weight loss overtime count your daily calories. Run reports on your progress, nutritional reports and more. Use our photo diary to see progress.

Search Thousands of Australian Foods. Both kilojoules and Calories shown.

Calorie Counter is a Free Weight Loss Tool for Australia.

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What is Calorie Counter?

Calorie counting is way of tacking and measuring the amount of calories (energy) you consume. If you are looking to lose weight you can workout how many calories you need and how many you will need to eat to lose weight, you will be able to search our database for food to see how many calories were in the food you ate and track it.

Over a period of time you will lose weight due to calorie restriction.

Calorie counting is fairly simple, the most important part of calorie counting is the accurate measurement of calories making sure each food is measured and tracked.